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Shimmer by Cindy was founded in 2006 at the kitchen table with my Mom. It was born out of my excitement as a little girl while looking in her jewelry box and falling in love with all her shimmery pieces. While the shimmer of each piece always caught my eye and started the conversation, it was the story that went with each piece that captured my heart. I realized then that a woman's jewelry box wasn't just accessories to an outfit, but rather the story of her life.

For the past 12 years, I have designed my jewelry with this idea in mind. Each piece is designed with attention to detail and with a heart which is my brand's signature. My hope is to create my own works of art that make a statement for you. In addition to the collections I design, I have added complimenting pieces created in collaboration with my clients that have allowed them to accentuate their own personal style while telling their own unique story. My vision is always to have my shimmery jewelry add to the beauty of each woman's life.

~My Best

Cindy Hock

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