Inspired by the shimmery brooch found in my mother’s jewelry box, Shimmer by Cindy® is a jewelry brand that is a vibrant mix of colors, textures and metals.  Each piece is wearable art with expertly cut gemstones and exquisite detail for the woman who loves to shimmer.
— Cindy Hock-Lauwers


Where it began...

Shimmer by Cindy was founded in 2006 at the kitchen table with my Mom. It was born out of my excitement as a little girl while looking in her jewelry box and falling in love with all her shimmering pieces. My earliest memory was of her magnificent brooch that was passed on to her through my grandmother who wore this for the most special occasions in her life. This brooch was exquisitely faceted and uniquely designed yet through the years had maintained its beauty because of its impeccable quality. This iconic piece in her collection has been forever etched in my mind and the standard to which all jewelry would now be compared. Today this piece is now carried on with me, and the symbol in my logo. My tribute to my mother who began this journey with me.



Fast forward to today and Shimmer by Cindy® has evolved into a brand featuring my Signature designs which I still create at my kitchen table. Each of my pieces now are brought to life by my expert craftsmen team using sterling silver, 14K gold/rose gold-plated metals, illuminating the semi-precious stones that we source from all over the world.

What I learned early on remains at the forefront of my vision, that while the detail of each piece always catches the eye, the quality of the piece is what carries on for years to come. I strive to create pieces and collections with these ideas in mind with the understanding that a woman's jewelry box holds more than just accessories to an outfit, but rather the story of her life.