Today's muse: Graphite

Like many designers I assume, I always have ideas for new jewelry designs running through my head. For instance, I’m always thinking about textures, color, style, and of course, shimmer factor. When I’m out and about I’m always in tune with these factors and often find inspiration in different places. Or as I like to call it, “Shimspiration.” This inspiration sometimes helps create a new design or just offers an idea to redefine a classic jewelry piece of mine.


This recently happened to me while out shopping for light fixtures. If you have ever gone into a light store, on display is often a great mixture of designs, sparkle, and colors. Although I was looking for an industrial fixture for my new island, my attention was of course quickly distracted by the subtle shimmer of a very classy chandelier. As I stood there and took in the beauty of this classic, her understated shimmer factor is what made her the star of the showroom. She reminded me a lot of my rock candy bracelet, which always seems to be a star of her own showroom as well. Both of these pieces have a rich texture to them and are very classic in their design. What made this chandelier so eye-catching to me was the color of her shimmer… graphite. This color is very unique for a chandelier, especially on a design like that.


So as I stood in awe with these ideas running through my head, I quickly envisioned that great color on my own classic rock candy bracelet. After all, we update our look, why not my bracelet? As I had suspected, this subtle change in color and size made my design even more fabulous which was so exciting! Equally as exciting is that as a woman who loves to rock the color black, this piece has quickly become my new go to piece when I’m heading to a night out. This tiny moment has been ever so inspiring to me because not only did I get a great bracelet out of it, but I also scored an awesome industrial light fixture for my island. Who would have thought I’d find inspiration in a lighting store? That being said,.. who knows where my next token of inspiration will be? In the meantime, keep your eyes open for my graphite bracelet.  She'll be coming soon to great locations and on some beautiful ladies.  I can't wait to see the pictures!


Stay tuned…


Hugs and Shimmer,

Cindy xo

Cindy Hock